Elli AvrRam, a raging sensation in Bollywood now, is living her childhood dream. She is an inspiration for all those who believe dreams can come true. With a spark to take the world by a storm, Elli, in a fun and frank conversation, spilled some intriguing secrets and told us how she keeps cool in the hot summer!


SR: Hi Elli! You were born and brought up in Stockholm, Sweden.What brought you to India to explore the Entertainment industry?

ELLI: I fell in love with Bollywood at the age of five when for the first time I saw a Bollywood
song being played on Swedish television. There was something so exotic, colorful and beautiful about it. I told myself I wanted to be like those girls! As a teenager, I saw my first Bollywood film and that’s when I decided that
I want to do this in life! Coming from an acting and music family background, I loved acting and dancing and I was clear about my passion for the Bollywood film industry! So I decided to prepare myself and go for my dream!

Being a part of Bollywood comes with a lot of ups and downs. Can you a recollect a moment in your career where you felt that it was only going to go uphill from here?

I believe, as I came out from the BiggBoss house I realized India has accepted me for who I am and appreciated my Bollywood debut. And since then, I’ve kept working hard and getting support and love from my fans all around the world and it has kept me going upwards!

Who has been your biggest inspiration and motivation to follow your dreams?

Meryl Streep in Hollywood and Priyanka Chopra in Bollywood. They both inspire me a lot but in terms of motivation I believe I’d say apart from myself believing so much in my own talent and hard work, I have my close friend in Sweden who’s always motivated me and supported me, Neda Sadeghi.

Based on your experience in Bigg Boss, where things can definitely get tough, how did you get out of sticky situations?

I was positive and smiling everyday! It was so much fun being a part of that show and I got a beautiful friend for life from it, Andy! Indeed there were days that were emotionally tough but overall I enjoyed the journey and I feel blessed to have been a part of the show because it changed my life forever.

How did you come across your role in Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon?

Abbas-Mustan sir had seen me in BigBoss and kept me in mind for the role of Deepika, that plays the love interest of Kapil Sharma in KKPK. My experience was beautiful working with Abbas-Mustan sir who are so humble, and everyone on set! It was so smooth and lots of laughters with Kapil around. Everyone was very supportive.

Dealing with different types of people everyday comes with the territory. What are the 3 things that keep you cooland composed in difficult situations?

I meditate and it helps me to stay calm in all kinds of situations. Apart from that, I always try to look from the other person’s point of view and I observe them. I understand everyone has their own baggage and there’s always a deeper reason behind their behavior. One shouldn’t judge, instead try to understand and be kind.

Any tips on how to keep yourself cool this summer?

Use a good sunscreen, wear a hat and drink lots of nimboo paani and nariyal paani!

How committed are you to a healthy lifestyle?

I’m very committed. I want to live a long life with a strong and healthy mind and body. Therefore, I can’t get addicted to anything that’s bad for my mind and body. I love myself too much for that!

What’s your ‘cool’ quotient?

I’m a former figure skater!

How do you Cruise your way into the day?

I have my breakfast the first thing in the morning. Then I meditate, shower and get ready for my day! My day is different everyday because sometimes I’m shooting or sometimes I have an event or just meetings. My day ends with my workout (mix martial arts or dance) and a phone call or msg to my parents.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an international sensation from your homeland, how is he recognized as back in Sweden? How do you feel when you head back to where you came from?

Yes, he is and I’m a fan too! Sweden loves Zlatan and is proud of his achievements.
I feel like I’m on a vacation because Mumbai became my home from the day I moved here. It’s strange but true, I love India as my country and Sweden too of course but Stockholm just feels more like a resort where it’s calm and you hear the birds in the morning and embrace the nature. It really boosts me up just like a resort does! Best part, of course is that I get to spend time with my entire family and best friends. I really wish they could all live here in Mumbai but you can’t have everything
in life.

Describe yourself in a sentence

I’m a multitalented, unstoppable girl with an optimistic and unbreakable mindset. That’s the reason for me being here today.

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