Sonal Chauhan - The unapologetic, mesmerizing, model turned actress whom we have known long enough from her debut in the movie Jannat which was the biggest hit of that year. In an exclusive interview with Krishti Khound, Sonal walks us through how she cruises through summer and her fitness routine.

KK: Hi Sonal! Over the decade of your stardom, you have always strived to deliver memorable performances; how do you look back at it?

Sonal: Honestly, it is so overwhelming and doesn’t feel like it’s been so long since I got my debut in Bollywood and went to South Africa to shoot for Jannat. The movie was so well accepted by the audience that it all feels like a dream from the day I moved into the city and started my journey as an actress. It was definitely a huge accomplishment that I am extremely proud of. And also I had an amazing experience in the Southern film industry, as it gave me an opportunity to grow as a performer. I look forward to performing challenging roles, I am hungry as an artist. The love and the recognition I have got so far from my fans and the people across makes my heart warm. I hope that the journey continues for a very long time.


KK: Being a part of Bollywood what are the challenges that came along your way?

Sonal: The biggest challenge for me was being an outsider who had no connection into the movie industry or the glamour industry. I come from a very conservative Rajput family my dad who was in the services. Absolutely nobody to ask for guidance. The initial journey was definitely a tough one, it wasn’t as if I began receiving offers straightaway. The second challenge was that I am an introvert for which it was really difficult to ask for work since that’s how the industry works.

KK: It might come to you as a surprise but your looks on social media have garnered the hearts of your followers and fans, do you have any tricks to keep up with the cool quotient in the summer?

Sonal: It is really nice to know. I am overwhelmed with the support and encouragement I got through my fans. Social media can take a toll on you sometimes but as far as about my cool quotient it’s the way I am and that I don’t pretend to be someone else. I don’t have a social media team behind me I post everything by myself and that’s what connects to the followers.

KK: With a job like yours comes intensive travelling, while juggling upon shoots especially in the heat. How do you tend to keep your cool?

Sonal: A trick that works for me is ‘mind over matter’ even when I had to shoot in 50° and that is the biggest challenge of my job. To keep me cool my mantra would be to stay hydrated, protect the skin with sunscreen and eat light which basically means to intake a lot of fruits.

KK: Fashion is something experimental and revolutionary; any summer trends that have kept you hooked religiously

Sonal: When it comes to summer fashion, I like clothes which helps you breathe my go-to look will be denim shorts paired up with a white t-shirt. I prefer to go for pastel shades, easy fabrics like cotton and de nitely my sunglasses which comes really handy when you talk about summer.

KK: Are you into serious fitness and weight training?

Sonal: Yes, I am big time into tness and I do a mix of everything. It is important to keep yourself physically active in whatever way possible. And I always maintain that. So in the summers, I hit the pool because swimming is one of the best exercises for the entire body and at the same time helps you beat the heat. Also, I like to do weights to keep myself toned, or dance for an hour or go cycling, and yoga to keep my peace of mind.


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