Sunny Leone - a name that has become synonymous to transformation and the breaker of stereotypes, has made a mark in the industry and continues to inspire many. In a fun-filled conversation, Sunny reveals never heard before secrets about her life after kids and how she came about the idea of her biopic, Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone. 

SR: Hi, Sunny! Can you tell us about that one moment when you knew life was going to turn around?

Sunny Leone: I have never thought my life was something I needed to turn around. I believe that everything that happens in your life, your career and personally; they all are stepping stones to something different to move upwards. I think that if you’re in the entertainment industry, you have to be able to spread your wings. It’s a full circle and it’s important for myself, my company, my husband and everybody who works on our team that we are always evolving. So, I don’t really see any one moment that I can call life-altering, because I believe every day brings something new.


The digital world already ensures that the privacy of known personalities is restricted. How did you decide to take the bold move of coming up with your biopic, Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone?

I would love to take credit for the biopic of my life but I can’t, it wasn’t my idea. I wasn’t 
even keen on doing it at first, this was not the direction I wanted to head. Everybody’s life has skeletons in the closet, everybody has bad things that have happened to them, things they don’t want to experience again and my life is no different. What I can tell you though, 
is the reason I said yes; what
 I found interesting is that
 they wanted more than what people are expecting to see, which is material on the adult entertainment industry. They approached me because they want to know how my family was, funny things that have happened in my life and how my relationship was with my father, mother and brother and all those unique stories. I don’t think that there are particular things in my life story that somebody hasn’t gone through, it’s just that I had to put it on TV.

Talking about social media, what do you think is your responsibility as an Influencer?

Changing opinions of the masses? I don’t believe that can be done. I believe in the idea of changing one person’s mind at a time. If I change one person’s perception or one person’s idea of who I am or who they think
 I am, then I feel like I’ve done my job right. As far as masses go, there are billions of people in this country and it’s very hard to change people’s minds. But for the people reading this, one thing I want to tell you is - be a good human being and be 
nice to each other. Stop all 
the crazy hate and work hard. You have to work hard for what you want and hopefully, I set that example.

One thing that raises the heat on social media is trolls. How do you deal with them and what advice would you give to people facing any form of cyber bullying?

Each person has a different way of working on social media.
 For me, I see it as a tool and a vehicle to have my voice heard or announce what I am doing and share things about my life because that’s a part of being an entertainer. For people out there who read everybody’s comments and get affected by it, all I want to say is, they’re
 not your friends! They are not people that know you. They’re not people that have dinner with you every night or help
 you when you have a problem. So in that same way, I believe that people should look at 
these comments and say - Oh! Why am I being affected by 
a stranger? That stranger is hiding behind a phone or
 the computer. Let’s just put it this way, you’re not the only one. These trolls are probably copy-pasting text, picking ten different people and making the same comments. How to deal with them? There’s a lovely thing called the block button. Just block them. I have a really large block list, its amazing!

Another thing heating up this summer is Mumbai. Can you tell us a few tips on how we can stay cool this time of the year?

It’s only just the starting but 
the temperatures seem to
 have reached an all-time high already. I guess my plan would be to not eat fried food and keep my meals light so that I don’t feel so sluggish and down. Switch on the Cruise air conditioner and wear bright colours and light fabrics so that you feel good. And the most important thing 
to remember, antiperspirants 
go a long way to help you stay away from that smelly stuff.

How would you describe your cool quotient?

I don’t really see myself as being cool, I kinda see myself as being dorky and not that cool. People out there might think that I’m kinda cool but as you can see based on my answers, I’m a little spastic, that’s not cool. 
I didn’t pick my outfits, somebody else did. They even picked my shoes. So, I want to believe I’m just like everybody else out there trying to figure
 it out, trying to figure out how 
to be cool.

You’ve been a part of multiple reality shows. What has been the best part about connecting with your audience and fans?

I think the best part about being a host of a reality show, Splitsvilla,
 is that I watch these people come into this show, see them grow and experience things. You go through all these emotions with them and 
at that moment, it’s just real. I 
don’t know how to explain that but when you’re angry, you’re angry; if you’re upset, you are really upset. On television, when you’re in close net quarters with these people that you’ve just met, your emotions are heightened. So, watching all that crazy is always fairly exciting. It does give me a subject of conversation when it’s over (laughs).

Any advice to all those girls and boys out there battling restrictions to make it big in ways deemed unconventional by society?

To everybody out there trying to figure out who you are and what you want to do, if you are passionate about something that your family or the people around you don’t think is socially acceptable, I don’t believe in socially acceptable anything. I don’t follow social norms, I am abnormal. And I just want to tell you that it’s possible for you to follow your dreams and do things that are not socially acceptable. If you have
 a passion, a dream in life and you want it, then go out and get it! Work for it and work real hard. I honestly believe that if you put 100 percent into what you’re doing, whether it’s in the Corporate world or in Arts or in Culinary or the most random things that your family is not into, go for it because eventually, the money will follow. I always believe that if you have a passion, go for it! You know the Ariana Grande song that’s just come out, ‘You want it, you got it!’, you’re going to be that person.

How do you Cruise your way through the day?

Sweet lord! My days start very early, around 6:30 when Baby A starts crying and Baby B is still sleeping. But if Baby A cries too much then Baby B wakes up. Baby A is Asher, Baby B is Noah. From that moment on, it’s just about how I can get a cup of coffee fast enough in me before they wake up again. Our whole morning routine starts with that, which is followed by breakfast. Like today I made, banana, cinnamon, wheat, oat pancakes and they were really good (I’m very good at making pancakes!). From there it’s getting them ready, getting myself ready, I packed for Splitsvilla today. Then I went for Nisha’s school party, rushed home, washed my face and got ready to reach the shoot location on time!

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