While her fans might be in awe of how she is navigating her career, Yami still wonders, somewhere in her mind, how the reserved Himachal girl who nurtured her Bollywood reveries only behind closed doors actually came to pursue them. We pictured her as the IAS Officer she was studying to become and despite the fact that she would’ve been a great one, we’re glad she went down the unfamiliar path because have you seen her? With her feet on the ground and head among the stars, Yami Gautam knows where she comes from and where exactly she’s heading.

We were floored by the candour and enthusiasm with which Yami answered our many strange questions but we’re not one bit guilty because underneath those sultry eyes and beautiful smile we discovered a fairly techy person who loves her speakers, has ideas for gadgets she can invent, robots she can have strutting around and don’t we love a techie?


We last saw you in Kaabil and you did a fab job! Can you catch us to speed about what is currently happening?
Yami Gautam: My next is going to be Batti Gul Meter Chalu and I’m playing a lawyer in the film. It’s a satirical social drama which is not going to be just serious, but more like Toilet : Ek Prem Katha. It was based on a very valid, relevant social topic but was entertaining too. So I think that’s how Batti is going to be; a very nice, quirky club of a relevant social issue and entertainment. And, of course it’s opposite Shahid Kapoor, we’re both playing lawyers. That’s enough now, that’s all I can tell you (laughs)!

What does returning on the Exhibit cover feel like? Then and now- what has changed?
Yami Gautam: I think me, I have changed! I think I have evolved a lot, I feel much more fitter, movies like Kaabil, Badlapur, Sarkar happened post that so I’ve grown a lot as an actor, a professional, and as a person too so that has happened! Bollywood through your eyes: the best and the worst. I can’t take Chandigarh out of my heart but what Bollywood and Bombay have given me, Chandigarh can’t give me now unfortunately. I worship my work, I worship the profession I’m in and that’s obviously because of Bollywood and moreover being an actor. The kind of love, respect and admiration that you feel around when you talk to people and they tell you they love you is amazing. I’m very thankful and there’s a lot of gratitude in my heart.

What would Yami be excelling at in a parallel universe?
Yami Gautam: I would definitely be an IAS Officer. I was a law student and I was preparing very seriously, I was on a very different track. Nobody expected or imagined me to be where I am!

The top 3 travel gadgets you’d have to carry on your next adventure?
Yami Gautam: Definitely has to be a GoPro to capture and freeze all those moments and times I went snorkeling, jet skiing or parasailing, my phone by default and my speakers because I like listening to some good music!

If you had to Cruise on a road-trip somewhere, where would you go and in which car?
Yami Gautam: Depends on the car I endorse next (laughs). And I’d go to where I actually belong, Himachal, because it’s unexplored yet beautiful, stunning, all about nature and the roads are really good.

Any thoughts on futuristic tech like autonomous cars, Hyperloop and AI?
Yami Gautam: They’re great but everybody has to find the right balance, it’s very important. Over-indulgence is very harmful. There are going to be discoveries and things on levels we won’t be aware man has taken technology to. It’s amazing especially in medicine because the more advance technology is, the better it is but when it comes to warfare, it can be really destructive.

One technology you wish exists in the future.
Yami Gautam: I would make the Mr India watch because whenever I’m late and I have to reach somewhere I can just elope and reach like whoosh!

What would you call your personalised robot and what all would you want it to do for you?
Yamenoid, and it will cook some exotic dishes for me. I love food but at the same time I watch out what I eat. So Yamenoid will cook tasty food with a dash of health.

If things have to go your way and you could along in the next 10 years, what would your life look like?
Life will go my way and not just in the next 10 years! I live in my own world and it’s different than living in a bubble!

One woman you look up to:
Karuna Nundy; she’s extremely inspiring and a feminist in the true sense. Must-haves for a woman in today’s day to be happy and successful: Independence. We are very giving in nature genetically and sometimes that just blurs the “me” part. So it is very important that girls never give up on their dreams, get educated and do whatever they feel like doing. Any woman who gives expression to her choices and independence is absolutely entitled to do so.

If you were an entrepreneur, what would you dirty your hands on:
Indian food industry. I love Pahadi food and I want people to know what Pahadi food is like. Your pillar of strength: My mother, hands down! She’s the pillar of strength, happiness and everything! The kind of perseverance and strength I have is what I’ve gotten from her.

The coolest gadget you know:
Black Panther’s automobile

How do you keep it cool in summers?
It’s all about keeping yourself hydrated, and eating cool and tropical fruits.

One feature you wish your Air Conditioner has to beat the heat this summer:
Maybe a foldable AC, something so portable that I can just carry in my car to anywhere!

The coolest thing you’ve done so far:
Wishing my mom happy birthday with my parasailing partner literally on the top of the world, in the air, among the clouds, blue water, white sand and just floating...she was very happy!

The coolest person dead or alive:
My sister Surili; she is the coolest person, extremely chilled-out, super fun and crazy. I love her!

The coolest fashion trend:
Boot-cut pants.

Give us ideas towards global cooling looking at the destruction caused by Global Warming:
Change has to be on a mass level but maybe for starters we can start using less electricity on the most basic level.


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